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Frikke Delport

CrossFit Coach, Gymnastics Coach, Fit30, FitMasters50+ Personal Training

My name is Frikkie and I’m the bearded guy that’s always covered in chalk and either walking on my hands, upside down, swinging off something or a combination of all the aforementioned ????
From a very young age I have been a bit of a monkey, leading my parents to putting me into a gymnastics programme. I loved every second and spent from age 4 through to 26 within the sport of artistic gymnastics. Gymnastics has taught me a huge amount about myself and what the human body is truly capable of, and through my development as an athlete, coach and academic I have become passionate about helping others experience as much of what movement has to offer them as possible.

I have spent a number of years studying movement and its implications for the human body through my Bachelor’s Degree and Postgraduate Diploma in Sport and Exercise Science with my main academic and career interests being in strength and conditioning, rehabilitation/injury prevention and biomechanics.
I have for a long time been drawn to CrossFit because of its awesome methodology and philosophy, and the fact that it is for everyone! There is always something to look forward to and achieve, whether that is your first pull up, double under, or handstand or even learning one of the Olympic lifts! The variety makes it very well rounded and when done correctly hugely benefits its members and surrounding community.


Senior Int’l NZ representative, Texas USA 2015
NZ National Gymnastics Champion, 2016
Gymnastics NZ Junior Judge
Federation Intl Gymnastics Level 2 Senior Coach
Bsc Sport and Exercise Science, Wintec
Post Grad Dip, Sport and Exercise, AUT