Lesley Ngongo

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Lesley Ngongo

Fit30 Coach, FitMasters50+ Head Coach, Yoga, Personal Training

I’m a full time rehab trainer at Unitec Sports Centre, where I train clients with parkinsons, dementia, Cerebral palsy, special needs and the elderly on a one on one, full time basis. Twelve years on, I still enjoy it.
My sporting career was as an Olympic Weightlifter for 8years. The high lights from this was winning my weight class in 2009 NZ nationals for the under 63kgW category.I then went on to try long distance running and loved it, but the combination of both Olympic weightlifting and long distance running was not a good one. So in 2013 I was invited to attend a CrossFit session, and found the programming had a good balance of strength, cardio and mobility.

In 2014 I decided to retire from Olympic weightllifting, sticking with running and CrossFit and I’m still going! Join me for our weekly fun runs on Sundays before Yoga.


BSC Sport
Category 1 national referee (Olympic weightlifting)